Al Maslakh: 2 guitars. no heroes

Al Maslakh records presents two guitar solos for the release of their two new records at Beirut art center:

Charbel Haber for the release of his new solo cd it ended up being a great day, Mr. Allende Scrambled Eggs singer/guitarist releases his first solo album since 2008, a beautiful drone-oriented requiem, in many ways the result of more than a decade of explorations in this idiom of contemporary experimental music and improv.

Umut çağlar for the release of dead country feat. Alfred 23 Harth’s cd gestalt et death the driving force behind the konstrukt band and label returns to Beirut on the occasion of this very special release, a colorful free jazz record in the tradition of the art ensemble of Chicago, yet also reminiscent of miles Davis’ experiments such as Pangaea.