Mike Cooper & guests: beach crossings

Lebanese independent music label ruptured presents in September 2015 no less than 3 concerts with renowned British folk singer and performer Mike Cooper, held in Beirut in different venues. The second of these concerts is taking place at Beirut art center and features an impressive line-up of local and foreign musicians accompanying mike cooper for a performance of his piece beach crossings.

Mike Cooper (guitar, conduction)


Paed Conca (clarinet)

Tony Elieh (electric bass)

Ali Al-Hout (percussion)

Abed Kobeissy (buzuk)

Ghassan Sahhab (kanoun)

Sharif Sehnaoui (drums)

Fadi Tabbal (electric guitar)

Raed Yassin (double bass)
Ahmad Ghossein (narration)

The performance:
Beach crossings is an audiovisual performance written by Mike Cooper over the course of several years of traveling in Asia and the pacific. It consists of a meditation in words and music on European presence and influence in Asia and the Pacific area.
It was originally commissioned by radio producer Pino Saulo for rai3 radio in Italy, who suggested an audiovisual performance which would include the Bob Dylan song Master of war, a version of which closes the piece. Beach crossings is performed live, with a flexible number of musicians. There have been live versions in Palermo, Sicily, and Lisbon in Portugal, and a radio version commissioned for Australian public radio.

More info on mike cooper and beach crossings can be found here: