Pauline Boudry & Renate Lorenz, Marwa Arsanios, Marie Muracciole: delegated voices

Pauline Boudry, Renate Lorenz, and Marwa Arsanios will discuss together with Marie Muracciole plagiarism, interpretation, and ventriloquism among other situations that transgress the current convention of discourse.

The staged films and cinematic installations of artists Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz (berlin) often begin with a song, a performance, a movie, or a script from the past. Their works present a partially fictional and time-encompassing collaboration that sheds light on the close-knit web of references to experimental film, the history of photography or queer punk, or underground (drag) performance. They develop their own artistic aesthetic, which – through images, objects, and relations – reaches a political dimension by challenging rehearsed norms and the relationship to the other. The performers are choreographers, artists, and musicians that share their longstanding interest in questions of tangible utopia.

Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz will discuss the politics and artistic methods of their work and show excerpts of their works toxic (2013), opaque (2014) and I want (2015).

Pauline Boudry and Renate Lorenz have been working together in Berlin since 2007. Their staged films and film installations often start with a song, a picture, a film, or a script from the past. They produce performances for the camera, staging the actions of individuals and groups living — indeed thriving — in defiance of normality, law, and economics. Their films upset normative historical narratives, as figures across time are staged projected, and layered. Their performers are choreographers, artists, and musicians, with whom they are having a long-term conversation about performance, the meaning of visibility since early modernity, the pathologization of bodies, but also about glamour and resistance.

Marwa Arsanios lives and works in Beirut, Lebanon. She obtained her MFA from the University of the arts, London (2007) and was a researcher in the fine art department at the Jan van Eyck Academie (2011-2012). She has exhibited in London, Beirut, Athens, oxford, Lisboa, Santiago de Chile, Rome, and Damascus and recently at ngbk in berlin and Mukha in Antwerp. her work was shown at art Dubai in the Bidoun lounge (art park 2009), at the forum expanded of the Berlinale (2010), at the Homeworks v and vi forum in Beirut, Tokyo wonder site in Tokyo (2011), the 12th Istanbul Biennale (2011), the Cornerhouse in Manchester (2012) and most recently at the Venice biennial (future generation art prize). Her videos were screened in several festivals and events such as the Rio de Janeiro film festival in 2010, the e-flux storefront in New York, and at the centre Pompidou in Paris. She has been nominated for the Pinchuk future generation art prize 2012 and won the special prize; she was also nominated for the sovereign art prize 2012. She is a founding member of the artist organization and project space 98weeks research project.