Blitztheatregroup: workshop for 12 actors

Proposed at the occasion of the presentation of late night by Blitztheatregroup
during home works 7 – beryte theatre, 16 and 17/11

Language: English – Arabic

The workshop is divided into two parts:

Part one: galaxy
Galaxy is a Dadaist game of improvisation with rules. The performers tell the stories of persons, famous or not, historical events, notions, theories, objects, and words that no longer exist. They introduce themselves as dead people or dead references and edit their brief biographies in real-time, describing how they died and what they miss from being alive. Galaxy uses historical and collective memory as the basic tool of narration as a new approach to dealing with the feeling of being confronted by the certitude of death. As well as exploring, using the principle of devised theater where the actor is the center of the creative process, what it means to be writing on stage.

Part two: the institute of global solitude
The institute of global solitude is a fictional research institute dedicated to the notion of solitude. The institute’s ambition is to form a concrete mapping of solitude, using material from all the fields of human thought – philosophy, art, theater, poetry, politics, history, etc. – to establish the first museum of global solitude. Part two concentrates on the process of dramaturgy, its rules, how one can create a cohesive piece through collecting diverse material.