Beirut Art Center (BAC) is a non-profit association, space, and platform dedicated to art research and cultural practices in Beirut, Lebanon.

Since opening in 2009, BAC has facilitated the creation and realization of projects as well as interactions between local and international cultural initiatives in a space that is open and active all year long.

Under its new direction, BAC continues to create a space for knowledge and creative exchanges, with added emphasis on creating a platform for collective discourse and action, central to all programming.

In the midst of economic, political, health, and environmental crises, Beirut Art Center has been conceiving more of its programming around structural and material conditions in the visual fields in Lebanon, in the region, and beyond. In addition to being a platform for creative and intellectual output, BAC is examining the socio-political struggles with which the workings of the center intersect. Through modest but sustained initiatives, we are thinking of the centre as an economic and political motor for the small businesses and skill sets we work with. BAC is intent on trying to turn limitations imposed upon an entire society by a regime that incessantly proliferates crises, into generative prompts to rethink the role of an art center and its ties to civil society. In a prohibitive setting, we seek to enact pragmatic and manageable forms of engagement, looking to enable networks of friends and allies with the little resources at our disposal. Our goal is to become a space that is a living active organism for collective thought, creative output and mutual aid. We want to build interdisciplinary projects that use art as a conductor for community-building, political action and radical imagination.



Reem Shadid

Exhibitions and Public Programs

Mona Ayoub
Nadim Choufi


Joseph Kesrouany

Administration and Finance

Manal Abdul Ghafour
Ara Giragossian


Marwan T. Assaf
Kader Attia
Sandra Dagher
Peter Hrechdakian
Lamia Joreige
Bassam Kahwaji
Nathalie Khoury
Yola Noujaim
Maria Ousseimi
Yasmina Sabrier
Amira El Solh

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Jisr el wati, off corniche an-nahr
Building Safe, street 93, zone 66 Adlieh.
Beirut, Lebanon.

opening hours

Exhibition Hours: Monday – Friday 12 pm to 7 pm
                         Saturday 12 pm to 5 pm

Office Hours: Monday – Friday 12 pm to 7 pm