Beirut Art Center (BAC) strives to create inclusive spaces that inspire and engage individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Integral to this mission, the educational programs fulfill its commitment to serve the public in nurturing artistic growth and learning. By building communal, familial, and collective relationships, the Family and Children program, and the Youth and Adults program enable participants to expand their capacity to think, imagine, and create together despite the challenges they face in their daily lives through skills and crafts workshops.

For children aged 8-15 and their families, the focus lies in empowering young individuals to shape their own worlds as active participants. Through workshops centered on various themes each season, such as movement and storytelling, technology, environmental care, children engage in activities such as puppet-making, theater, gardening, cooking, storytelling, programming, etc.

The youth and adults (age 16+) are invited to explore fundamental skills that enable them to navigate current socio-political and economic challenges. Workshops on metal welding, electricity, plumbing, gardening, and composting serve as a retreat to rudimental abilities while widening the community and dialogue at BAC. This inclusive approach aims to redefine artistic practice and discourse, encouraging participants to rethink their relationship with their surroundings and each other.

In Parallel to the skills workshops offered, BAC organises discursive programs that delve into exhibition themes and topics, as well as urgent questions and research focuses within the field of art. By engaging in critical discussions, participants gain deeper insights into the artistic concepts and societal issues explored within exhibitions.