Rooftop Garden

Initially conceived in 2022 as a prototype for urban farming, offering flexibility to adapt to diverse needs, the BAC Rooftop garden drew inspiration from the rich farming history of Jisr-el-Wati neighbourhood. It is a mutual aid initiative in the form of a community-run garden situated on the rooftop of the Beirut Art Center. It’s home to various activities of BAC but also acts as a powerful catalyst to forge connections among various groups dedicated to leveraging artistic, scientific and academic perspectives and practices to gain a comprehensive understanding of the country’s structural challenges and their implications for the community.
What sets it apart is its horizontal and decentralized model of organization, challenging the prevailing monocultural and monopolistic ideals that have contributed to our current crisis. Rather than relying solely on the traditional principles of supply and demand, the project emphasizes sharing and collaboration to inspire local cooperative efforts. Ultimately, the aim is to foster the growth of alternative micro-economies that can thrive in these circumstances.