We invite artists and creative practitioners from different disciplines to engage in durational residencies aiming to support research, development and artistic practice in Lebanon and the region.
As part of the residencies program, artists are encouraged to propose ways in which they can actively engage with the public throughout the duration of their residencies. This engagement serves to enhance the development of their research, allowing them to share their creative process, influences, and ideas. It also creates opportunities for meaningful debates and insightful conversations with the public.
In addition to artist and musician focused residencies, twice a year BAC invites a graphic designer for a six-month residency. The residency is an attempt to give form and reflect on BAC’s inherent aggregated, collaborative, metamorphic and unstable being, where each graphic designer is asked to re-design and interpret the whole identity of the institution. This program also hopes to generate opportunities to play and explore new visual and graphic possibilities, as well as create new tools for collaboration and collective planning.

BAC also hosts a year-long residency in its Rooftop Garden, based on a formula that revolves around mutual aid, exchange, and supporting the needs of the garden and community. With a focus on fostering collaboration and creativity, the program welcomes practitioners of various disciplines, namely those around carpentry and gardening. For its pilot rooftop residency (2023), BAC invited carpenters in residence. In the larger picture this residency provides a nurturing environment for different practitioners to develop their practice while contributing to the growth and sustainability of the rooftop garden and its community.

Header image credits:
The Forest (Dreams of a Wandering Octopus), 2021, Variable dimensions - Beirut Art Center, 2021. Courtesy of Beirut Art Center. Photo: Chantale Fahmi