December 11, 2020 - March 31, 2021 8:00 pm

2020 has been one of those years: 12 months jam-packed with calamity, a year that keeps on giving. In Lebanon 2020 has meant a continuing uprising that has swept the country, an unprecedented financial and economic collapse, floods, fires, a global pandemic, an explosion of gross negligence which took out entire neighbourhoods of Beirut, and the many and far reaching consequences of all of the above, and more.

Hindsight is 20/20 as the saying goes, but the flurry of events that has taken us by storm leave little room for reflection, so we downsized expectations, and rather than look to artists for some kind of clarity and direction, we simply tried to offer them manageable platforms to maintain some semblance of a practice in relation to ongoing events.

The exhibition includes works that responded to Micro-Commissions 1, a reflection on the significance of hands mobilized to fight or to care for self and others, Micro-Commissions 2, which relied on the ability of drawing to address the current moment unburdened by the weight of representation, and Micro-Commissions 3, a reflection on the profound insecurity created by a regime obsessed with security and surveillance.

The exhibition also contains a dark room blaring music made in response to the section on فرد, (Individual) of The Derivative, 5 exquisitely detailed illustrations responding to the theme of صدى (Reverberations), and 5 tiny watercolors in response to رقم (Number).

Featured Artists: Myriam Boulos . Ghida Hachicho . Carla Habib . Bahij Jaroudi . Raphaelle Macaron . Tracy Chahwan . Mohamad Kraytem . Nour Hifaoui Fakhoury . Danielle Davie, Lara Tabet, Malak Mroueh, Panos Abrahamian . Rayan Abdel Khelek . Sandy Chamoun . Aya Atoui . Renata Sabella . Leil Zahra . Sarah Saroufim . Hatem Imam

Production Team
Technical Team: Mohamad Asaad . Nadim Deaibes . Rawad Kanj
Installer: Georges Moussali
Graphic Designer: Farah Samman
Translation: Hussein Nassereddine
Framing: Coin d’Art . Kourani Frames
AV Maintenance: Multi Tech Audio Visual . Mohamad Toufaili
Electrical: Eng. Fadi Gharib . Abed El Aziz Khnayfes . Ahmad Khnayfes
Construction: Khaled Awad . Elia Awwad . Milad Chahine . Tony Chahine
Painting: Bassam Al Kadro . Hilal Al Kadro . Souheil Salouh
Metalwork: Tarek El Saj
Transportation: Charbel El Helou

Special Thanks
Ashkal Alwan . Sursock Museum