The Camelia Committee · At the Edge of the Forest, a Garden

The Camelia Committee

April 12, 2021 - September 30, 2021

When two bodies orbit around one another in space, the realm of possibilities is relatively predictable. When the bodies are three, the interactions become more complex and various types of simulations have to be used to draw their potential trajectories.

The Camelia Committee is composed of a body of three: Mira Adoumier, Carine Doumit, and Nour Ouayda. As they inhabit a space, each image, each sound, each word, is multiplied by three, a multitude of times.

On the outskirts of an enchanted forest, they have discovered a seemingly secret garden. along the invisible walls of this garden, they have weaved the polyphonic voices of Camelia. Who is this mysterious woman? Shapeshifting between myth, flower and spirit, she takes the three women on a journey as they attempt to grasp fragments of her various manifestations here and there.

Featured Artists: The Camelia Committee – Mira Adoumier . Carine Doumit . Nour Ouayda

Production Team
The Forest (Dreams of Wandering Octopus) Mira Adoumier
Editing Carine Doumit
Texts Mohamad Abdel Gawad . Carine Doumit . Maria Adoumier
Cinematography Mark Khalifé . Ramzi Hibri
Sound Recording Tatiana El Dahdah
Sound Design Jad Atoui
Voices Ziad Chakaroun . Carine Doumit
Coloring Chrystel Elias
Portraits of Camelia Carine Doumit
Text Editing Nesrine Khodr
Graphic Design Karine Wehbe . Abraham Zeitoun
The Garden (Camelia’s Herbarium) Nour Ouyada
Technical Director: Nadim Deaibes
Technical Team: Rawad Kanj . Salim Abou Ayash . Ehab Zaheredeen
Translation: Ziad Chakaroun . Hussein Nassereddine
Graphic Design: Farah El Samman
Printing: Al-Matba’a Printing
Carpentry – Installation: Georges Moussalli
AV Maintenance: Fadi Awad
Electrical Works: Eng. Fadi Gharib . Abed El Aziz Khnayfes . Ahmad Khnayfes
Construction: Khaled Awad . Elias Awad . Milad Chahine . Tony Chahine
Metalwork: Taleb El Saj
Painting: Louay Abdel Haq . Souheil Salouh
Transportation: Charbel El Helou
Maintenance: Ara Giragossian

Special Thanks
Mohamed Soueid . Mohamed Abdel Gawad . Tarek Bou Chebl . Victor Bresse . Joan Baz . Ghalas Charara . Chadi Younes . Malek Hosni . Mahmoud Korek . Ghassan Salhab . Shawky Hamadeh . Djinn House Production . LUCID . Sursock Museum . Adel Khoury . Ziad Moukarzel . Elie Issa Trad . Rita Giragossian . Pamela Giragossian