BAC design · Azzi & Osta: Custom Miles

Georges Azzi

Assaad Osta

June 28, 2012 - July 13, 2012

Azzi & Osta are proud to present their latest visionary work, Custom Miles, at Beirut Art Center.

Glamour and pleasure are two words synonymous with traveling: the experience of one splendid location after another. It is customary for lavish activities to have sumptuous accoutrements and the jet era was no different. This was an era distinguished by its stylish one-of-a-kind berets, gloves, dresses and sunglasses. The mere sight of which could transport you to a magnificent place of one’s choice while remaining completely personal, hence the title: Custom Miles. Azzi & Osta have brought this era back to life with their new designs reviving the beautiful travel experience.