Bac design · Chadia Najjar: From Within

Chadia Najjar

July 18, 2014 - August 22, 2014

Beirut Art Center is pleased to present From Within, a BAC design exhibition by Chadia Najjar.

Over the last twenty years, the artist and designer Chadia Najjar has been developing a unique practice of making objects. She works entirely by herself, without any educational training or influence. Her approach to making composite objects drives her to mix opposites, and to find an unpredictable harmony between everyday scraps. She constructs each object by deconstructing others. Her work can be seen as a montage of feminine blends from masculine relics. She turns the dark inside of machines or specialized devices, into light, suspended objects. What is invisible becomes the thing to look at. She makes you see the world from within.

This is the occasion to look at some of her archival materials, tools, as well as a sample of the different kinds of objects that Chadia has produced over the years, like jewelry, soliflores or mobiles.