BAC Design · Dar Onboz: Fly Bird Fly

Nadine Touma

Sivine Ariss

Hiba Farran

Blatt Chaya

Assem Ayoub



Jadd Hallaj


February 7, 2013 - April 6, 2013

Fly Bird Fly and come nest with Dar Onboz.

Many indigenous Lebanese birds have disappeared. Many birds don’t migrate through Lebanon anymore, and to avoid death or starvation have changed their thousands of years old migrating routes. Many cycles of life have been broken.

In the midst of all these lost journeys of migration and flying we have recaptured some of these birds only to free them as drawings, stories and songs; as peeping wheels and shadow theatres; as handmade Lebanese tiles, pillows and embroidery; as games, wooden seals and as origami. All these birds are for you to meet, remember, keep, and hopefully protect.

This journey that we have created is for the entire family. For the young and old to come and play, discover and explore. We will perform an old Lebanese folk tale, a hakawati, with live drawing projections and music. We will also hold a series of workshops for the entire family that present origami, the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures, as well as on how to make handmade, recycled paper. Other exciting talks will revolve around ecosystems, bird watching, and preservation.

With Nadine Touma, Sivine Ariss, and Hiba Farran, as well as several local artisans like Blatt Chaya, Assem Ayoub, Hratch, Samira, Jadd Hallaj, and Digidots.