BAC design · Krikor Jabotian: All that is reminiscent of her name

Krikor Jabotian

May 4, 2012 - June 16, 2012

Beirut Art Center is proud to present All that is reminiscent of her name by Krikor Jabotian, the latest exhibition as part of its series BAC design.

Aptronym: A name that aptly matches the occupation or character of its owner, often in a humorous or ironic way.

It has been said that many of our names can be traced back to the occupation of our ancestor(s). Jabotian, originally Tchapoutian, means pieces of fabric in Armenian. There could hardly be more apt a name for a designer. But ultimately, isn’t a name defined by what it triggers and represents? A name could trigger the memory of a scent, a feeling, a place, a moment, and many other elements.

For a designer, certain names will always represent a vision – a distinguished silhouette, a fabric, a delicate process…All that is reminiscent of her name is a capsule collection of tops that fall under a sous ligne of Krikor Jabotian’s work. It is the labor of all the beautiful connotations a name can evoke.