BAC design · Marc Baroud: I:0

Marc Baroud

September 24, 2014 - October 24, 2014

Beirut Art Center is pleased to present I:0 a BAC design exhibition by Marc Baroud

The I:0 line of products explores the depth and expanse of a seemingly simple binary pattern by performing a set of experiments on unit, dimension and structure. Marc Baroud develops this line of products by extracting elements from the Mashrabiya, a component of traditional oriental architecture, and re-assembling them in different three-dimensional variations. By performing this process, Baroud intends to explore and create an array of objects that would add a new dimension to the classical Mashrabiya pattern.

Baroud breeds the two basic constituent shapes of the Mashrabiya in different kinds of material, colors and textures, assembling them into three-dimensional constructions: the result is constellation-like shapes that would each time acquire a new semantic value, and create a new perception.

By explicitly showing the binary system and its infinite combination possibilities, the designer reveals in this collection the intimate connection between process and end product: the end result exposes both the back-end structure and the front-end interface that users manipulate, bringing the basic language of coding into the hands of skilled craftsmen.

The collection presented includes among others: lighting elements, furniture pieces, and other products whose function is assigned and manipulated by iteration.