BAC design · Nada Zeineh: Pathways

Nada Zeineh

July 18, 2012 - August 18, 2012

Beirut Art Center is proud to present Pathways by Nada Zeineh, the latest exhibition from BAC design.

Pathways is an exhibition by Nada Zeineh presenting twenty years of experimentation with jewelry and small objects. The title of the show refers to the evolution in her practice and the varied trajectories that she has taken, displaying a universe of different techniques all related to her passion for craftsmanship.

The works presented vary from naturalistic figures to geometric forms and from jewelry pieces to art mobile or small objects. It is characterized by the use of basic but noble materials such as clay and porcelain, brass wires and sheets, gold leaf and semi precious stones, bohemian glass and crystal beads.

Underlying these disparate forms and techniques is Nada Zeineh’s attraction to nature, past civilizations, and ethnic jewelry, along with her interest in architecture (her initial profession).

This exhibition shows the different milestones that punctuate Nada Zeineh’s journey, and that leads her to her latest collection “Printemps à Bkerzai”.