BAC design · Street Art Bag

Sarah’s Bag

September 6, 2012 - September 29, 2012

Beirut Art Center is pleased to present Street Art Bag, a BAC design exhibition by Sarah’s Bag, in conjunction with the exhibition WHITE WALL.

In 2008, Sarah’s Bag turned the “Beirut ma bitmout” graffiti into a fashion accessory with a statement, reaching Lebanese people living abroad and all those who love Beirut and felt proud to carry the Sarah’s Bag graffiti clutch. Today, Sarah’s bag is sponsoring the Graffiti artists in the Beirut Art Center exhibition by partnering with artists from Lebanon and from around the world.

50 bags made with plain canvas and leather borders will be displayed at the exhibition, offering visitors the chance to create their own custom made bag, with the personalized statement they wish to carry, designed on the spot by professional graffiti artists. It could be their name, their phone numbers, their loved one’s name or any piece of street art that can turn any person carrying it into a walking statement.