Don Karl and Pascal Zoghbi: le graffiti arabe

Don Karl

Pascal Zoghbi

Language: English

As part of the exhibition white wall, a book launch of the new and revised French edition, le graffiti arabe, and a presentation of the project Arabic graffiti will take place at Beirut art center.

Don Karl and Pascal Zoghbi narrate the journey of making this book. More than four years of research culminated in the publication of the first edition Arabic graffiti (English) in January 2011. However just then, the Arab uprisings started, and concurrently an explosion of Arabic graffiti hit the region. Even while residing in berlin, Don Karl found himself in the middle of these currents. Through various art projects, he broadened his contacts with artists, who took part in the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions and befriended many of them. Eventually, he invited some of them to partake in the white wall exhibition in Beirut.

Together with Pascal Zoghbi, Don Karl organized exhibitions and events around Arabic graffiti in Alexandria, Amman, Beirut, Berlin, Bochum, Boston, Cairo, Dresden, Dubai, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Montreal, Nantes, Paris and Weimar, to name a few.

Le graffiti arabe (edition eyrolles) is a new and revised French edition of Arabic graffiti, previously published in English (from here to fame, 2011) and includes an overview of graffiti produced during the recent Arab uprisings. The book has been an international success and remains the standard work on the topic.