“a” trio live

Raed Yassin

Sharif Sehnaoui

Mazen Kerbaj

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March 13, 2013 8:00 pm

Mazen Kerbaj: trumpet Sharif Sehnaoui: guitar Raed Yassin: double-bass

“A” trio is probably the oldest Lebanese improvisation group. Formed in 2002 for a concert at “irtijal’02”, the group went on to record the first free-jazz cd to be produced in the Arab world (“a”, la cédéthèque, 2003). Their music later moved away from its jazz roots towards a more textural approach that strongly relied on prepared & extended techniques.

“A” trio’s sound is distinguished by sharp subversions of the sonic potentialities commonly attributed to the members’ instruments (the trumpet, the acoustic guitar, and the double-bass). A misleading sound creates a strange energy: “a” trio sounds like an electronic project whereas it is a purely acoustic one. In a state of constant flux, Yassin, Kerbaj, and Sehnaoui fabricate experiences with the sonic and the musical that are immersive and elusive, inviting and alienating.

In 2012, and for their 10th anniversary, the “a” trio will finally release its second album on their own label: Al Maslakh records. So far they have widely toured in Europe, USA, the middle-east and North Africa, performing at festivals such as “skanu mesz” in Riga, “club transmediale” in Berlin or “météo” in Mulhouse among many others.