Huda Asfour: Mars

Huda Asfour

Bashar Farran

Ali El Hout

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July 11, 2012 8:00 pm

Eka3 presents:

Huda Asfour live at Beirut art center

Huda Asfour: oud & vocals Bashar Farran: bass Ali El Hout: percussion

“My fascination with waves goes beyond my love for music. It is a fascination with the sea, the resonance of strings, the cyclic nature of life, and more recently electrical waves in one of the most impressive pumps on earth, the heart. This space is to share some of my interests, being an engineer and a musician; I find my inspiration in the lab, in nature, and in monitoring the finest movements around me. I write, play music, and enjoy this journey on earth.”