Irtijal 10: Franz & Paul, Dörner/Suzuki/Yassin, Atoui/Barthélémi

Paul Wenninger

Takako Suzuki

Raed Yassin

Tarek Atoui

Uriel Barthélémi

Axel Dörner

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April 7, 2010 8:00 pm

Franz & Paul (at)
° Franz Hautzinger: trumpet
° Paul Wenninger: dance

Vienna-based musician Franz Hautzinger is a unique figure in the world of contemporary music. His past achievements include his solo work “gomberg”, as well as contributions to the “zeitkratzer” ensemble and his own group: “regenorchester”. His duo with choreographer Paul Wenninger consists of an installation, featuring dance, spoken text, and live music.

Dörner/Suzuki/Yassin (de/jp/lb)
° Axel Dörner: trumpet
° Takako Suzuki: dance
° Raed Yassin: double-bass

Easily one of the most innovative trumpet players of the century, Axel Dörner brings us this very special project with dancer Takako Suzuki, the result of a few days of exploration of Beirut, alongside one of the city’s leading improv’ players, Raed Yassin.

Atoui/Barthélémi (lb/fr)
° Tarek Atoui: electronics
° Uriel Barthélémi: drums

Phenomenal electro-acoustic performer Tarek Atoui returns to irtijal in the company of one of his oldest collaborators, French drummer Uriel Barthélémi, in what promises to be an explosive performance of highly kinetic and concussive music.

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