Irtijal 18


Raed Yassin

Leyya Mona Tawiil

Mike Khoury

Irena Tomažin

Michael Zerang

Paed Conca

John Edwards

Fabrizio Spera

Axel Dörner

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March 30, 2018 8:00 pm

For its XVIIth edition, Irtijal is proud to present (among other highlights) the results of an electronic music workshop that took place in Beirut in December 2016, in collaboration with music networking platform Simsara and renowned Swedish electronic studio EMS, in parallel to Beirut & Beyond International Music Festival. The workshop invited musicians from Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Tunisia to collaborate with talented Swedish producers and engineers Mats Lindström and Daniel Araya, in the creation of customized electronic instruments for use in subsequent live and studio performances. Irtijal’17 will present individual performances by these musicians, as well as a collective ensemble performance led by Lebanese electronic authority Tarek Atoui, in one of his rare appearances in Lebanon.

As part of Irtijal 18, the concert at the BAC auditorium includes the following acts:

Raed Yassin: Music for whistling, clapping & humming
– Raed Yassin with “Vocal Ensemble”)

– Leyya Mona Tawiil: dance
– Mike Khoury: violin
This project was supported, in part, by a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant.

Irena Tomažin and Michael Zerang
– Irena Tomažin: voice
– Michael Zerang: drums

Conca, Doerner, Edwards and Spera
– Paed Conca: clarinet
– Axel Doerner: trumpet
– John Edwards: double-bass
– Fabrizio Spera: drums

Irtijal’18 is organised in partnership with: Goethe Institute, Ruptured, and Tunefork.