Noiseistanbul: Batur Sönmez

Batur Sönmez

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June 16, 2010 8:00 pm

In the project noiseistanbul, Batur Sönmez is presenting the sounds and noises of Istanbul with an electronic and experimental music approach. The project, inspired by the habitat, will consist of electronic music productions to be presented with accompanying visual materials based on Istanbul city and its original sounds and noises.

Besides its legendary beauty, Istanbul has an ambient comprised of various sounds and noises which are not realized within daily life. This provides the basis for the project.

The musician Batur Sönmez is interpreting this content with his artistic style, and approaching the case through his endeavor to present these ambient sounds with musical expression, rather than analyzing them.

Cities partly shape the characteristics of their residents, and on the other hand, cities become a constitution and reflection of these residents.

The artist considers this project as involving diligent efforts, and he is fully aware of this duty at the initial stage. The project can also be associated with medical studies using toxic materials for producing antidotes.

In our context, the main theme is taking the relation between the city and the noises of the city as material and translating this material to music and art, in order to make it an audio-visual artwork.