The tortuous road to credibility: The Incompetents

Serge Yared

Fadi Tabbal

Stéphane Rives

The Incompetents

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November 9, 2011 8:00 pm

One song leading to another, The Incompetents ended up becoming what many consider to be one of Beirut’s musical u.f.os. With several albums, singles, and eps to their name, and performances in most of Lebanon’s alternative festivals and venues, The Incompetents have gained weight and covered extensive ground in their own personal and unprecedented musical orientation. The only band in Lebanon that is bold enough to cover songs from the repertoires of captain Beefheart or Tom Waits, interpreting them in a personal way, making them their own. Their live sets are both creative and playful in what could almost be referred to as a dada approach to the concert format.

Their live appearance at Beirut art center will be an occasion to present their music through a chamber pop music lens, explore new ground, and allow them to present the more ‘unplugged’ aspect of their sound.

The Incompetents are Serge Yared, Fadi Tabbal, Stéphane Rives