Jean Lamore and Fatima Mahfoud: the Sahrawi war museum

Jean Lamore

Fatima Mahfoud

May 18, 2011 8:00 pm

In conjunction with the exhibition, image in the aftermath, Beirut art center and the Arab image foundation are happy to present the first of three evenings of events exploring the work Sahara occidentale, con poche immagini.

The Sahrawi war museum
A conversation with Jean Lamore and Fatima Mahfoud

Since the first years of the conflict, the Sahrawis recuperated weapons and photographs from the battlefield, which are then kept in the Sahrawi war museum. The gesture of keeping the photographs of the enemy is at the heart of necessità dei volti a reflection on the relation of the Sahrawis to this involuntary archive. During their conversation, Jean Lamore and Fatima Mahfoud will show archival footage and photographs to explore questions related to the Sahrawi war museum and its presentation through necessità dei volti.

Organised with the support of the prince Claus fund for culture and development