Daniele Genadry · Slow Light

Daniele Genadry

July 25, 2018 - October 7, 2018

Slow Light, a solo show by painter Daniele Genadry, is devoted to her concern in light movements and the animation of sight. Addressing the interrelation between distance, movement, and perception of light, Genadry’s work opens a reflection on the limits of seeing through the process of image-making. The various images – traces of memories or remnants of found photographs or photographs taken by the artist – are introduced at different “levels” of perception, through multiple surfaces that range from large-scale paintings and intricate hand drawings, to screen prints and light-based objects.

Often drawing from landscape imagery, the works aim to reveal light as both a material and a saturating force, as both a conveyor of visibility and as a blinder. Genadry’s paintings somehow relocate photography to its earliest stages, by capturing light at a wide range of speeds. This capture of light is achieved through the negation, blurring, disappearance, and unstable recognition of the painted world.

The spatial installation of the works in Slow Light provides the necessary conditions for a slow sight and prepares the viewer to experience the different velocities of perception when confronted with the painted surfaces. The palette – a paired down, fluorescent-washed, almost monochromatic range of colors – emphasizes both an excessively saturated and desaturated surface. The acclimatization of sight and the progressive deciphering of the painted surface turns the inability to know what is being seen into a cognitive and perceptive experience of light itself.

Thanks to the support of Marwan T. Assaf, Saleh Barakat Gallery, and Banque Libano-Française.