Dyeing using Plant Material with Mona Ayoub

November 5, 2022 10:00 am
  • The workshop is now at full capacity, and registration is closed.
  • Saturday November 5 from 10 am – 2 pm
  • 1 hour lunch break (food is provided by BAC)
  • Free workshop

In this workshop conducted by Mona Ayoub, the participants will learn two techniques of dyeing, tie-dye and bundle dye, as well as develop natural colors from organic and inorganic material such as safflower, alkanet root, walnut, onion skins, hibiscus and iron. Mona will guide the participants through the different processes of fixing dye on silk, steps to bundle dye, basic tie-dye folds, and pigment baths of plant material while discussing the methods and stories of the plants used.
Excited about the interwoven relationship between plants, energy, and textiles, Mona Ayoub founded @masbough.a on the basis that materials hold markings of life and the textures of the hands and plants that come to make them. Masbough/a is a space where people come together to collectively practice the handcraft of dyeing and create while sharing knowledge about dyes, plants, textiles, and stories and techniques of dyeing from the ancient world until now.

Visuals prepared by Nour El Samman in the framework of BAC Graphic-Designer in Residence Program