Exposure 1

tamara al samerraei

Nadim Asfar

Sirine Fattouh

John Jurayj

jennifer maghzal

Karine Wehbe

Raed Yassin

August 21, 2009 - June 9, 2009

tamara al samerraei · nadim asfar · sirine fattouh · john jurayj · jennifer maghzal · karine wehbé · raed yassin

beirut art center has the pleasure to announce the opening of exposure 2009, a collective exhibition of art works by emerging artists in lebanon.

as part of its goal to provide a permanent space for contemporary art and cultural practice in lebanon, this exhibition serves to promote innovative local talent.

emerging lebanese artists or artists residing in lebanon have been invited to propose a new work or a work which has not yet been exhibited in the country.

the executive board of beirut art center, along with a committee invited specifically for this exhibition, selected works by up-and-coming artists, with no specific theme in mind. this year’s committee was: jacques aswad (writer), joana hadjithomas (visual artist and filmmaker), christine tohme (director of ashkal alwan), and kaelen wilson-goldie (journalist). this emerging artists exhibition is organized in partnership with fidus wealth management, sgbl group, and will be a yearly event.

the fidus award has been created specially to support this initiative and will be granted to one of the participating artists. the winner’s name will be announced during the opening reception.