Exposure 2

Sawsan Al-Sarraf

Vartan Avakian

Charbel-Joseph H. Boutros

Paul Hage Boutros

Ziad Joseph Hage

Rana Hamadeh

Hatem Imam

Lynn Kodeih

Joe Namy

September 24, 2010 - November 13, 2010

sawsan al saraf · vartan avakian · charbel-joseph h. boutros · paul hage boutros · ziad joseph hage · rana hamadeh · hatem imam · lynn kodeih · joe namy

as part of its initiative to promote innovative local talent, beirut art center is pleased to present exposure 2010, a collective exhibition of works by emerging lebanese artists as well as non-lebanese artists residing in lebanon.

initiated in 2009, exposure is an annual exhibition organized in partnership with fidus wealth management and sgbl to support up-and-coming artists from lebanon by providing a platform to produce and display work that is not essentially aimed at the market.

each year, the center issues a call for proposals whereby emerging artists are invited to present a new artwork or an artwork that has not been shown in the country. a jury made up of individuals active in the contemporary art scene is invited by beirut art center to select the artists who will participate in the show.

following this year’s call for proposals, eleven artists were selected by an invited jury and the artistic board of bac (as one voice). the jury included pierre abi-saab (journalist), mirene arsanios (co-founder of 98 weeks and art researcher), zeynep oz (curator), and walid sadek (artist). when making their decisions, the jury was not looking for artists who were directly or solely representative of the emerging lebanese art scene; instead, their selection was based on the singularity of each work and the pertinence of its subject matter.

exposure 2010 presents works in a diverse range of media such as video, installation, photography, sound, and performance that address various themes.

a catalogue featuring the work of all participants will be produced and launched at the end of the show. the catalogue will serve to document the exhibition and introduce the work of these artists to a wider public.