Exposure 6 · Under Construction

Mirna Bamieh

Nour Bishouty

Roy Dib

Hiba Kalache

Jessika Khazrik

Georgette Power

Arjuna Neuman

Tanya Traboulsi

Tala Worrell

December 12, 2014 - February 7, 2015

mirna bamieh · nour bishouty · roy dib · hiba kalache · jessika khazrik · geörgette power · arjuna neuman · tanya traboulsi · tala worrell

as a part of its initiative to promote innovative talent, beirut art center (bac) is organizing its annual group show for the sixth consecutive year.

unlike previous editions of the exhibition, exposure 2014 will be a curated exhibition that revolves around a specific theme. the theme of the show will be “under construction,” in reference to the participating artists and the early stage at which they are building their practice. it also refers to beirut, a city in a continuous process of transformation; its landscape is regularly destroyed, rebuilt, hence redrawn. the show will deal with the idea of being in a constant construction in various fields: building the landscape, building the self, as well as building the artwork. the word ‘construction’ is to be understood here as a process of metamorphosis, whether it is linked to the notion of progress, destruction or entropy.

bac, together with a jury invited for the occasion, selected the artists who will participate in the exhibition based on the quality of their work. this year’s members of the jury were mounira al solh, sam bardaouil, till fellrath, jim quilty, and kirsten scheid. marie muracciole, bac’s new director will curate the show.

artist-curated program

during the exhibition period of exposure under construction 2014, some of the participating artists will organize a series of screenings, discussions and performances. the titles and the content of the events will be announced each month in the bac newsletter. the following includes the dates of the artists’ respective events:

arjuna neuman 15 december at 8pm

hiba kalache 28 december at 8pm

georgette power 7 january at 8pm

tanya traboulsi 14 january at 8pm

roy dib 21 january at 8pm

mirna bamieh 4 february at 8pm

jessika khazrik, will organize “walk-through” tours inside her space at the exhibition to talk about her artwork “the introduction to the blue barrel grove part i”. the tours will take place on saturdays 10, 17. 24 and 31 january 201 at 6:30 pm.