Exposure 7 · Mobility

Yasmin Hage-Meany

Sandra Iché

Eshan Rafi

Mahmoud Safadi

Merve Unsal

December 18, 2015 - January 29, 2016

yasmin hage-meany · sandra iché · eshan rafi · mahmoud safadi · merve ünsal

naming this year’s edition of exposure mobility points to the possibility of movement, to displacement, and to processes of transformation. operating within this rather extensive field, the members of the jury – lawrence abu hamdan, stefanie baumann, tony chakar and andrea thal – have selected artists whose work deals with the instability and breaking-down of shapes, and who are furthermore involved in the evolution of definitions and categories. in their practice, the body is a condition and a site for activating artistic purpose, and for carrying out some transformations in symbolic orders and social life.

as part of beirut art center’s global program, mobility seeks to explore, rather than demonstrate, how art can cross into our world, and produce unexpected occurrences in our lives. the aim of this program is to question the collective experience of “present time” and to bring forth different approaches toward recent history, through distinct voices.

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