Exposure 8 · Metabolism

Monica Basbous Moukarzel

Mohamed Berro


Bahar Noorizadeh

Núria Güell

Levi Orta

Anna Ogden-Smith

Rivers Plasketes

November 23, 2016 - January 15, 2017

monica basbous moukarzel · mohamed berro · mochu · bahar noorizadeh · núria güell & levi orta · anna ogden-smith · rivers plasketes

the new edition of exposure, entitled metabolism, transposes a notion attributed to the body and its survival into the realm of art. metabolism has been the name for an urban and architecture movement from the 50s in japan, but it is taken here in its organic meaning, to qualify the artistic practice conceived as an action that triggers identified elements (material, gestures, thought) within a chain (in a process) of modifications. to think of art as metabolization is to think of one’s practice as a series of voluntary transformations that produces unpredictable results. one can also metabolize experience, facts, current issues, or larger questions by creating conditions from which new aspects surface. it is therefore largely about form, which is understood here as a relation between visibility and the gesture that allows it or between subject matter and the changes it undergoes within the modalities of its formulation. to produce form is to produce a living organism; it acts on objects, materials, and events by integrating the unforeseen and therefore engages processes which art shares with science: experimentation, discovery and invention. metabolism is an exhibition where the body is evoked as an actor and model of the living – through a mobilization of energy; processes of nourishment; athletic, ascetic and choreographic exertions and by being acutely aware of perceptions to the point of widening them.