Fermentation Workshop with Amina Dakhlallah

October 15, 2022 - October 18, 2022

Two-day workshop focusing on Makdous & Olives

The workshop is now at full capacity, and registration is closed.

  • Saturday October 15 from 10 am – 3 pm
  • Tuesday October 18 from 5 pm – 7:30 pm
  • 1 hour lunch break on Saturday (food is provided by BAC)
  • Attendance of both days is required
  • Free workshop

For our second workshop this month, Amina Dakhlallah will conduct a two day session on fermentation techniques used to make mouneh, the traditional preservation of vegetables, fruits, and animal products in the region. Focusing on makdous and olives, Amina will walk the participants through her recipes and process. The participants will leave with fermented makdous and olives. Participants should sign up through this form.

The workshop will take place on Saturday October 15 from 10 am – 3pm and Tuesday October 18 from 5 pm – 7:30 pm. Snacks will be provided on both days, lunch will be provided on Saturday. Bring 2 of your own jars with you preferably size 1.5 kgs.

Amina Dakhlallah, from Safed, Palestine and currently living in Lebanon, has worked in multiple food service sectors and more specifically in home food storage and preservation through different techniques such as drying and pickling.