Dream machine

Nadim Saoma

Fadi Tabbal

Diamond Setter

Miroslav Sebetnik

John Cage

Iannis Xenakis

Henry Bean

Tim Robbins

William Hurt

Rana Eid

Hisham Awad

Celine Celines

Olivier Borzeix

Collis Browne

Eric Gingras

Malena Szlam

Radwan Moumneh

Haussmann Tree

Jeremie Regnier

Mazen Kerbaj

Sharif Sehnaoui

Cynthia Zaven

Jean Epstein

Scrambled Eggs

Ghassan Salhab

Khalil Joreige

Joana Hadjithomas

Nadim Meshlawi

December 9, 2012 8:00 pm

Beirut’s first audio-visual festival

The dream machine is the first festival in Lebanon that is entirely devoted to audio-visual art. It seeks to explore the quasi-infinite relations between sound and image, hearing and seeing, and beyond. Irtijal and Beirut art center organize the festival in partnership with metropolis art association and the European film festival.

The program

December 9, 8 pm closing of the European film festival/opening of the dream machine. @ Metropolis empire sofil

Cine-concert Jean Epstein’s la chute de la maison usher (1928) live music by Scrambled Eggs and Cynthia Zaven. Separately they have composed music for moviemakers such as Ghassan Salhab & Joanna Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige. They now join forces to revisit this classic adaption of Edgar Allan Poe’s story.

December 10, 8 pm @ Beirut art center

Video screening special screening of towers open fire by Bryon Gysin and William Burroughs, the film that introduced the dream machine.

Round-table projection as live art a discussion around the idea and methods of live projection with Malena Szlam, Mazen Kerbaj and other festival participants.

Performance wormholes live drawing & music performance by Mazen Kerbaj & Sharif Sehnaoui which is in many ways the result of a fifteen-year long artistic relationship.

December 11, 8 pm @ Beirut art center

Performance Jerusalem in my heart jimh’s new version with visuals by Malena Szlam and music by hotel2tango’s mastermind Radwan Moumneh and Haussmann Tree’s guitarist Jeremie Regnier.

Performance enfant magique enfant magique is the brainchild of Montreal’s multi-talented Eric Gingras (pas chic chic, fly pan am). Joining him are Collis Browne (no weapon) and Olivier Borzeix (bowly of ESL crew), accompanied by stunning visual landscapes and juxtapositions projected by video artist Celine Celines.

December 12, 7 pm @metropolis empire sofil

Documentary screenings / Q & A Nadim Mechlaoui presents a special screening program and debate around contemporary music creation. 7 pm: listen (2004) by Miroslav Sebetnik w/John Cage, Iannis Xenakis… 9:30 pm: noise (2007) by Henry Bean w/Tim Robbins, William Hurt 11:00 pm: Q & A w/ Nadim Mechlaoui, Rana Eid, Hisham Awad

11:30 pm performance Diamond Setter & Fadi Tabbal w/ Nadim Saoma electronics and electric guitar duo by two of Lebanon’s most versatile and creative musicians augmented by Nadim Saoma’s unique visual approach

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