Gabriella Choueifaty • How To Make Stones Weep : a ? reading of Jalal Toufic

March 15, 2024 7:00 pm

“A composite text I did not write, comprising 43 quotations from Jalal Toufic, en un certain ordre assemblés. “

Gabriella Choueifaty (b.1993) is an artist working in Beirut. Her practice studies the mechanisms of perception that are endemic to Lebanon. Through text, film and photography, she observes the aesthetic and political dynamics present in the Lebanese space, mostly focusing on notions of light and movement.

Choueifaty holds a BA in Literature from the Sorbonne University – Paris IV and a masters in Film Studies from the Sorbonne Nouvelle University – Paris III. She is currently in post-production of her first film “2006,” produced by Films de Force Majeure. Choueifaty also works as a camera technician on film sets.

This intervention is part of the public program of the exhibition Five Hitchcock Films As You’ve Never Seen Them Before by Jalal Toufic.