Home Works 7: On Water, Rosemary and Mercury

inci eviner

ahmed badry

stéphanie saadé

Omar Fakhoury

saba innab

tamara al samerraei

Khalil Rabah

ali taptik

November 12, 2015 - December 10, 2015

lawrence abu hamdan · inci eviner · ahmed badry · stéphanie saadé · omar fakhoury · saba innab · tamara al samerraei · khalil rabah · ali taptik

on water, rosemary and mercury is part of home works 7, a multidisciplinary forum on cultural practices, which takes place every 2 to 3 years in beirut, organized by ashkal alwan. curated by frie leysen, bassam el barini and christine tohme, the 7th edition of the forum will include exhibitions, lectures, screenings, publications and performances. i now mean by elements, as those chymists that speak plainest do by their principles, certain primitive and simple, or perfectly unmingled bodies; which not being made of any other bodies, or of one another, are the ingredients of all those call’d perfectly mixt bodies are immediately compounded, and into which they are ultimately resolved.*

*from r. boyle, chymico – physical doubts & paradoxes (1661)