Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige • A Perfect Day

Joana Hadjithomas

Khalil Joreige

March 15, 2024 7:00 pm

Feature film, 2005.
With Julia Kassar, Ziad Saad.
Produced by Abbout Productions and Mille et Une Productions.

Plot: 24 hours in present Beirut
An unresolved disappearance
An elusive love
A “perfect day” to find again
those we’ve lost

A Perfect Day is based on a personal story. Khalil’s uncle was among the 17 000 people
who disappeared during the war in Beirut and are still missing till today.

In the film, Malek belongs to a generation trapped between the weight of the past and the
anguish of an uncertain future. How to live the present, love, find a place in such

“A Perfect Day” is a film about sensations, atmosphere, false leads, constant dilemma in
paradoxical town that is Beirut.

Part of the film is based on some writings of Jalal Toufic and inspired by many of our
conversations and shared moments, readings, films… An ongoing friendship and

In conversation with Jalal

Zombies and phantoms. (5mins 16s)

A Hitchcockian gun: a gun in a film is here to be used or to give the sensations that it will be
used. Maybe. (4mins 13s)