Lamia Abukhadra • Rear Window Palestine

March 15, 2024 7:00 pm

In her text Rear Window Palestine, Lamia Abukhadra writes on the relation between gaze and crime in Alfred Hitchcock’s film Rear Window; what happens when gaze is removed in one of Jalal Toufic’s variants of Hitchcock’s film, entitled What Did One of the Neighbors Miss During His Photographic Assignment Abroad?; and what do we, the gazers, do in today’s context as the crime of genocide is committed in Gaza in full view of the world and with total impunity.

Lamia Abukhadra’s practice studies how disasters can generate new forms of perception, collectivity, and resistance, using the Palestinian and Lebanese contexts as microcosms of urgency. Within her drawings, prints, sculptures, texts, and installations, she embeds speculative frameworks which bring to light intimate and historical connections, poetic occurrences, and generative possibilities of survival, mutation, and self-determination. She is currently based in Beirut.