Live Drawing Concert

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May 31, 2022 8:00 pm

Drawing: Carla Aouad and Carla Habib

Music: Shakeeb Abu Hamdan and Sary Moussa

Join us for a live drawing concert where artists and musicians are paired together and intuitively explore how sound and drawing move one another. The live drawing concerts, focusing on visual and sound improvisation, are artist-led and have occurred in multiple spaces in the city throughout the years.

We are particularly excited to host this edition on our rooftop garden, a long-term project to create a replicable urban garden prototype, through which we can imagine and materialize different forms of sharing, gathering, and creating networks of sustenance for local agricultural and artistic initiatives.

Artist’s line-up



The rooftop garden can accommodate plenty! However, come early to secure a spot on our newly made benches from our recent woodworking workshop with Sandy Lyen and Gabrielle Akiki.

Free entrance

Drinks will be available