Meeting Points 8 · Mophradat: Both Sides of the Curtain


Basma Al-Sharif

Fatma Bucak

The Dwarfs of East Agouza

Dora Garcia

Jos De Gruyter

Harald Thys

Tamar Guimarães

Jean-Pascal Flavien

Josephine Foster

Victor Herrero

Judith Hopf

Hannah Catherine Jones

Gülsün Karamustafa

joachim koester

Stefan A. Pedersen

Basim Magdy

Joe Namy

Walid Sadek

Nile sunset annex

Frédéric Moser

Philippe Schwinger

Marnie Slater

Zin Taylor

April 12, 2017 - June 4, 2017

andeel · basma alsharif · fatma bucak · the dwarfs of east agouza · dora garcia · jos de gruyter & harald thys · tamar guimarães · jean-pascal flavien · josephine foster with victor herrero · judith hopf · hannah catherine jones · gülsün karamustafa · joachim koester(with stefan a. pedersen) · basim magdy · joe namy (music with walid sadek) · nile sunset annex · frédéric moser & philippe Schwinger · marnie slater · zin taylor

the exhibition is the eighth edition of meeting points – a multidisciplinary contemporary arts project that takes place every two years in several cities in europe and the arab world. meeting points is a place to imagine and interrogate models for the production and presentation of contemporary arts, developed through research in the arab world. inspired by german artist oskar schlemmer’s experiments with art at the bauhaus in the 1920s, meeting points aims at inventing ways for new kinds of art to be created and shared between artists and publics. many of schlemmer’s ideas at the school were developed through social events where costumes and choreographies were put to practical use and tested. it is this logic of considering art as a form of enthusiastic developing and sharing of ideas—an interaction that creates a community—that is shaping meeting points into an expedition through different sites and times. both sides of the curtain began in cairo last may, moved on to brussels in december, and now arrives in beirut for the spring.

a new publication will be launched in parallel to the exhibition titled these are the tools of the present including interviews with lawrence abu hamdan, doa aly, haig aivazian, mounira al solh, andeel, mirene arsanios, malak helmy, iman issa, mahmoud khaled, maurice louca, jasmina metwaly, joe namy, nile sunset annex, roy samaha, sharif sehnaoui and rania stephan. edited by mai abu eldahab, november paynter, and marnie slater, designed by julie peeters, and published by mophradat and sternberg press.