Tariq Teguia with Wassyla Tamzali and Olivier Hadouchi

Olivier Hadouchi

Wassyla Tamzali

Tariq Teguia

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November 15, 2014 8:00 pm

On the occasion of the screening of his film Zanj revolution as part of the cultural resistance international film festival – Lebanon, Tariq Teguia is invited to talk with his public about cinema, revolution, and engagement, between Algiers and Beirut. The talk will be presented and animated by two specialists of Algerian origin, Wassyla Tamzali and Olivier Hadouchi. During that discussion, Tamzali and Hadouchi will present Teguia’s film and interact with him around notion of cinema and revolution, links between Algeria and Lebanon, director’s intention.

Screening · 14 November 2014, metropolis-empire sofil, 8 pm zanj revolution (2013, 137min) while covering community clashes in southern Algeria, ibn Battuta, a journalist, finds himself picking up the trail of forgotten uprisings against the Abbasid caliphate. For the purposes of his investigation, he goes to Beirut, allegedly to study the state of the ‘Arab nation’… with Ghassan Salhab’s collaboration. The film is nominated for the fiction film contest at the cultural resistance international film festival – Lebanon.