Amanda Abi Khalil: emerging?

Amanda Abi Khalil

Saleh Barakat

Lamia Joreige

Amal Issa

Roy Dib

November 27, 2013 8:00 pm

The concept of “emergence” is an inherently common characteristic of contemporary art. beyond the label, which is a linguistic specificity and a part of the specialized jargon of contemporary art, institutions and cultural practitioners have developed particular criteria, definitions, or policies for using this term and what it implies.

What is an emerging artist? Are we characterizing art practices rather than profiles? Is there perhaps a generational approach? Contextual? Economic? To what extent are the above questions and answers interrelated? Is there a universally recognized record of accomplishment in the arts?

The panel includes guest speakers from art institutions and galleries, independent curators, critics, and academics to interact with the audience, and discuss contemporary art and its continuously defined and reinvented epistemologies.

The roundtable is organized and moderated by Amanda Abi Khalil (independent curator).

Guest speakers:

Saleh Barakat (gallerist – Agial gallery)
Lamia Joreige (co-director – Beirut art center)
Amal Issa (director of the home workspace program – ashkal alwan)
Roy Dib (visual artist and art critic)