Lynn Kodeih: 160 feet under pure blue sea

Lynn Kodeih

September 29, 2010 - September 30, 2010

Duration: 34 minutes

In her performance 160 feet under pure blue sea, Lynn Kodeih juggles themes such as the face, obliteration, the hero/antihero symbolic image of the father, while exploring possible means of narration and testimony. 160 feet under pure blue sea addresses the subject of remembrance, underlining the infinite possibilities for rewriting history through personal “histories”. Her work is essentially based on the questions of time and the image, particularly their strength and evanescence.

160 feet under pure blue sea was created by the artist as part of her final project for her M.A. in theatre studies at the institut d’études scéniques, audiovisuelles et cinématographiques of the université saint-joseph (iesav-usj).

Lynn Kodeih’s performance at Beirut art center is presented within the framework of the exhibition exposure 2010.