Richard Eigner’s denoising project

Richard Eigner

May 25, 2011 8:00 pm

“He had a simple but beautiful idea which of course is what got him a place in this small gallery of great ideas: he denoised noise music”

Denoising live noise music: instead of utilizing noise-reduction-algorithms for their intended purpose (the restoration of damaged audio signals), these processes are applied to various noise music compositions from early Luigi Russolo and Pierre Henry pieces, to contemporary works of Merzbow and Fennesz.

Denoising field recordings: applies these processes to various field recordings of trains, streets, swimminghalls and public transport.

Which audible parameters are able to resist this “audio-erasement process”? How are these traces comparable to the visual reminiscences of Robert Rauschenberg’s erasure of a de Kooning drawing?

Co-sponsored by: österreichishe botschaft Beirut (Austrian embassy Beirut)