Sharif Sehnaoui: wormholes

Sharif Sehnaoui

November 18, 2009 8:00 pm

“The question of a music/drawing duo has been persistent since the early stages of my artistic relation with Mazen Kerbaj, but how to frame it?

In 2008, Mazen came to me with a new system he had developed, that could allow him to perform in a live setting. It consists of drawing on a glass table, using a wide array of ink, water, solvents, brushes, and various unidentified objects. With this setting, both sound and visual elements are improvised and exist only during the timeframe of the performance. Nothing is permanent or even fixed, the lines have their own life, they are constantly modifying. As I can stop the sound of my guitar by muting the strings with my hand, Mazen can erase his entire drawing with one move. The possibilities for interaction have increased considerably.

Wormholes is an attempt to alter a specific segment within time and space, hoping to open a corridor between two artistic disciplines, allowing them to give each other meaning. It is in many ways the outcome of over 12 years of artistic collaboration and understanding.”

Sharif Sehnaoui