Xavier le Roy: product of circumstances

Xavier le Roy

April 5, 2015 7:00 pm

Created in: 1999
Production: in situ productions and le kwatt
Coproduction: podewil / tanzwerkstatt-berlin, senatsverwaltung für wissenschaft, forschung und Kultur, berlin
Thanks to: Chantal Escot-theillet, Tara Herbst, Mårten Spångberg, Hortensia Völckers and Christophe Wavelet.

Circumstances: “I began to take two dance classes a week at the same time that I started to work on my thesis for my Ph.D. in molecular and cellular biology. It’s been now eight years that I have submitted my thesis and stopped to work as a biologist. Since I work as a dancer or choreograph I am very often presented as an atypical dancer or as a dancer molecular biologist. It became my currency in the “society of the spectacle”. I was invited to prepare and present a lecture for an event on theory and praxis in performance (“body currency” wiener festwochen June ‘98)…”

Product: biography as theory. An autobiographical conference becoming a performance. Le Roy’s body as raw material of social and cultural organization and as the practice of critical necessity.