Meeting points 8: both sides of the curtain

Dora Garcia

Marnie Slater

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April 14, 2017 7:00 pm

7 pm
Artist Dora Garcia introduces and screens her film el helicóptero (basque and Spanish spoken with English and Arabic subtitles, 23’ 10”, 2016). in 1966, Argentinian author, critic, and psychoanalyst Oscar Masotta organised three happenings (or anti-happenings). these happenings still surprise us today because of their handling of audience, events, signs, narratives, and haunting. We feel contemporary to this peculiar handling or perhaps not quite yet. el helicóptero is the first chapter of a larger film titled Segunda Vez which dwells on the idea of “happening again”, not only with respect to re-enactment but even more so in the context of fantastic literature, visionary fiction, and alternative history.

8 pm
Marnie Slater performs by written I mean made (English spoken with Arabic subtitles, 2016) featuring Clare Noonan, Hanaa safety, and Jan Tan, and featuring music by Cece Peniston and Nar.
By written I mean made is a performance that uses fragments of dialogue encountered in a folder of ephemera held by the jersey archive. the folder is part of a collection of Marcel Moore and Claude Cahun’s material, letters, newspaper and magazine clippings, anti-propaganda, diary entries, lists, recipes, identity documents, draft writings, drawings, photographic negatives, and photographic prints, gifted to and now preserved at the archive, by a resident of the island of jersey.

9 pm
Hanna Catherine jones gives a lecture-performance titled Afrofuturism and gesamtkunstwerk (English spoken, 2016-2017). In this lecture-performance, Hannah Catherine jones aka foxy moron uses theremin, voice, and video to speculatively explore the relationship between sun Ra’s Afrofuturism and Wagner’s gesamtkunstwerk, the subject of her doctoral research at the University of Oxford.