The metamorphosis after Franz Kafka

Lama Amine

Victoria Lupton

Ahmed Asfar

Abed Al Jalil Dahshe

Ahmed Deifallah

Farah Hendawi

Hanann Hendawi

Rania Jamal

Mohamed Kaw

Fatima Naiim

Tasneem Rajoub

Amina Sahloul

Baneen Sahloul

Samer Zaher

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December 13, 2018 9:00 am

An interpretation of Kafka’s novel by 12 young people living in Lebanon.

Following the success of the metamorphosis at Lebanon’s European theatre festival, Seenaryo, Goethe Institut Libanon, and Beirut art center are proud to present the production at Uruguay school as part of the show’s tour across Lebanon.

Waking up one morning, Kafka’s protagonist Gregor Samsa finds himself transformed into an unfamiliar creature. unable to leave his room or get to work – and caught between trying to set the clock back, or striving to adapt – his perspective is forever changed.

What does Gregor’s story of metamorphosis mean for a group of young people living in Lebanon in 2018? a group of Lebanese, Palestinian, and Syrian young people between 15 and 20 years old interprets Kafka’s novella for their time, in their place, in their words. Every member of this group either grew up with refugee status or grew up without parents: the group is united in their sense of living in a place where they do not fit. They came together for the first time to build a production from scratch over 10 weeks, with the choice of the metamorphosis coming from their stories.

The performance (one hour long, in Arabic) is aimed at schools. audiences will participate in a post-show workshop led by the young writer-actors themselves.

Co-facilitated by Lama Amine and Victoria Lupton of Seenaryo, the production seeks to unlock the urgent voices of young people too often silenced.

Writer-actors: Ahmed Asfar, Abed Al Jalil Dahshe, Ahmed Deifallah, Farah Hendawi,Hanann Hendawi, Rania Jamal, Mohamed Kaw, Fatima Naiim, Tasneem Rajoub, Amina Sahloul, Baneen Sahloul, Samer Zaher.

A project of Goethe-Institut Libanon in cooperation with Seenaryo, with the support of Intersos, Social Welfare Institutions – Dar Al Aytam Al Islamiya, Unhcr, and Yaabad Scout Troupe.