Planting Summer Vegetables Workshop

May 20, 2023 - May 20, 2023

During this workshop, children will plant summer vegetable seeds in paper pots that they will take home with them. Through seed games, children will learn about different vegetables that grow in each season and will learn to identify seeds of vegetable plants and sort through their different shapes.

The workshop will be led by the team of “Mawsim”; The Plant-Nursery Cooperative, which was founded within “Nohye Al Ard” community garden in Saida.

“Nohye Al Ard” is a community initiative for agroecology, with a team of fifty volunteers who live in the city of Saida and its surroundings, collectively learning about agroecology techniques in theory and practice. “Nohye Al Ard” initiative is concerned with strengthening our relationship with land, nature and the environment and affirms the right of everyone to green space.