Graffiti, between revolution & evolution: a Lebanese story

Melham Chaoul

Marianne bel-auricombe

Nadim Karam

Benoit Debbane

Nino Azzi

September 19, 2012 8:00 pm

In the framework of the exhibition, White Wall, Foundation Saradar has organized a roundtable. Prominent panelists will focus on the phenomenon of Lebanese graffiti and its evolution from a message of war to a contemporary artistic expression.

Background at a time when graffiti has evolved to become a recognized form of art around the world, graffiti in Lebanon has evolved tremendously throughout the years, from a revolutionary way to express socio-political and war-related messages to more elaborate and ‘fashionable’ wall paintings. This project will be the first attempt ever to organize a public event about graffiti and its various expressions. It will include a multimedia exhibition and a roundtable discussion, during which panelists will decrypt and discuss the phenomenon past and present in Lebanon, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

Roundtable objectives fluctuating between mere vandalism and rapidly developing street art, this exhibition aims to: – decrypt and understand graffiti in Lebanon and abroad, through different perspectives – promote and recognize graffiti as a form of art.

Panelists 1. Dr. Melham Chaoul, sociologist & director, institute of sociology, Lebanese university. 2. Mrs. Marianne bel-auricombe, universite de Toulouse, psychologue interculturelle – assistante projet recherche, graffme Lebanon project 3. Mr. Nadim Karam, urban architect, hapsitus 4. Mr. Benoit debbane, former graffitist, artist 5. Mr. Nino Azzi, gallerist, art lounge street gallery & publisher of Beirut street art I & ii